Getting Started with Kadena’s Technical Grant Process


  • Decentralized exchanges (e.g., order book, automated market makers )
  • Stablecoins that fall into one of these four categories:
  • Lending / Borrowing
  • Insurance
  • Payments (e.g., credit cards, shopping online, etc.)
  • Fund management
  • Derivatives (Real Estate, futures, options, tokenized stocks, etc.)
  • Lottery(e.g., EthFair).
  • (De)centralized bridges to other networks such as Kadenaswap
  • Smart contract language tools
  • Visual Studio Code extension that adds support for Pact
  • IDE package with Pact debugging
  • API client in various languages
  • Frameworks
  • Smart contract development, testing, and deployment framework (equivalent to Truffle for Ethereum)
  • Oracles / Off-chain data
  • Dashboard monitoring of Kadena-related service performance and status
  • Open source node explorer / mempool dashboard
  • Node management/application hosting (equivalent to Infura for Ethereum)
  • Alternative block explorer — relational index of blockchain data — visualizing transactions, addresses, tokens, prices, and other activities
  • Hardware wallet integration
  • Dedicated or multi-asset mobile wallet support
  • A wallet that abstracts over multiple chains
  • Title and succinct description of the project
  • The incentive behind the project and what impact you would like to see
  • Your reason why you chose to build on Kadena
  • Organization: Indicate team member roles, including who is the team leader and any advisors
  • Background: A concise bio of relevant experience and completed projects
  • GitHub profile link
  • LinkedIn profile link
  • Legal structure: Legal name, entity type, and registered address (needed for grant contract, may be shared privately)
  • The entity website link (if available)
  • Entity GitHub link (if available)
  • Milestone title
  • Milestone summary / objective
  • Deliverables Summary Table per example
  • Deliverables Summary Table Example
  • Fully public: Public application and public funding amount requested
  • Partially public: Public application and private funding amount requested
  • Fully private: Private application and private funding amount requested
  • Move the application into the appropriate folder; Prompted or Unprompted
  • Label the file as “”
  • Fill out the complete application template
  • Once complete, click on “create a new pull request.”
  • Email questions and private applications to

Overview of the Kadena Technical Grants Process:

  • Email subject: Format should be “Technical Grants Application — [project name].md”
  • Email body: Paste a completed application following the format of the Technical Grants Application Template.
  • The Grants Review Committee will inquire about the applications if it is needed to make a decision.
  • It will take approximately 4 weeks after receiving an application for Kadena to notify application team leads if their project has been accepted for grant funding.

To get started from scratch, run the following commands on the terminal on npm/yarn.

  1. $ npm install -g create-pact-app
  2. $ create-pact-app
  3. Follow cli options to configure your project




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